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Commercial Roof Repair

Coram Roofing & Restoration has been servicing everday roofing desires of New York small businesses for well more than 30 years. We pride personally on the subject of having a long term relationship with consumers, listening to their needs and then suggesting the proper strategies; be it industrial roof services, membranes, or water proofing in Rockville Centre.

We only uses the best quality roofing materials found in this business world. These are definitely one of the most "most reliable" plus the state-of-the-art that you could buy. Our very own roofing crews will be formally authorized for each and every roof our company install to make sure that quality and cohesiveness of roof material manufacturer's requirements.

Call us today, (631)731-5114, and enable our team eliminate your company's roof covering hassles! Quality, Perfection and so Serenity are what you could expect from Commercial Roofing!

Industrial Roof Services

  1. 1-Ply1-ply EPDM Roof Systems
  2. Architectural Metal Roof Systems
  3. Stone Covered Metal Shingles & Tiles
  4. Roof Coatings & Waterproofing
  5. Carlisle FleeceBACK System
  6. PVC Membranes
  7. TPO Membranes
  8. Preventative Industrial Roof Maintenance Solutions

With this particular industry’s most complete commercial roofing service, Coram Roofing & Restoration focuses on providing a true incorporation most typically associated with roofing material right into powerful platforms on which it is easy to depend. Our individual roofing products are actually tested and proven to work together in order to satisfy the particular factors of each very own structure. Our products are single source supplied that means single source responsibility and trustworthiness from a trusted manufacturers.

Involving more than A DECADE, proven good reputation means you are able to have peace of mind knowing the products we offer are within the best performance level of quality and therefore are comes with many of the strongest warranties in the marketplace. When producing a choice that'll be with you for many years to come, you will get ongoing support coming from top-notch professionals whom are knowledgeable in industrial roof system implementation. Over the life cycle of the job, we will supply manufacturing counselling required regarding our materials, and also frequent coaching in order that the roofs your business rely upon continue to provide safety and energy efficient inside of your pricing wants.

Each of our expert roof top professionals are experts in commercially produced roofing as well as water resistant design of active complexes. Our business is always to make sure your commercial enterprise stays open while we refurbish your roof covering! To guard your enterprise, its far better to use the services of a licensed, bonded and so covered with insurance establishment such as us. Anywhere from Hot-Tar, Flat, TPO or Metal roofing, we have the most appropriate roofing system for you.

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