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Commercial Roof Services

Coram Roofing & Restoration is normally covering the commercial roofing demands of a New York firms for very well three decades. We pride our-self upon developing a ongoing understanding with the clients, paying attention to their needs and recommending the ideal plan of action; whether it be industrial roof service, single-ply, or waterproofing in West Hempstead.

Our company strictly uses the best class roofing products found in this market. They are the most "conventional" as well as the state-of-the-art currently available. Our individual roofing crews will be formally qualified for each and every commerical roof our organization assemble to make sure high-quality and coherence on roof material manufacturer's guidelines.

Contact us now, (631)731-5114, allow our team get rid of the roofing headaches! Superior quality, Perfection and Secure feeling is what you can expect with Commercial Roofing!

Industrial Roof Services

  1. Single Ply EPDM Roof Systems
  2. Architectural Metal Roof Systems
  3. Stone Layered Metal Shingles & Tiles
  4. Roof Coatings & Waterproofing
  5. Carlisle FleeceBACK System
  6. PVC Membranes
  7. TPO Membranes
  8. Preventative Industrial Roof Maintenance Solutions

Complete with our industry’s most complete product, Coram Roofing & Restoration concentrates with producing a true usage most typically associated with roofing hardware right into prestigious procedures which you can actually depend on. Each of our industrial roof products are actually tested and proven to go together again in order to meet the unique requirement for each very own property. The products are single source supplied meaning single-source responsibility and then reliability by a reliable manufacturers.

Totaling over A DECADE, proven good reputation now means you should rest easy knowing the approaches we offer are using the optimum functioning superiority and therefore are comes with most of the premier assurances in the field. When coming up with a selection which will be along for many years to come, your company warrant ongoing technical support coming from high quality specialists whom will be knowledgeable in commercial roof system implementation. Throughout the life-cycle of your job, we are going to give you the manufacturing assistance desired regarding your options, and frequent certification to ensure the metal roofs your company depend on always grant safeguards and so energy savings within your pricing necessities.

Our own licensed roofers are dedicated to commercialized roof covering including waterproofing established buildings in the area. We're specialist for roofing remediation meant for small business! In regards to securing your corporation, you may want to work with an authorized, properly bonded as well as covered by insurance roofers like us. Ranging from Hot-Tar, Flat, TPO or Metal roofing, we have the perfect roofing treatment for your requirements.

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